My walls are all taped and mudded, although I still have some spots in the ceiling to fill in.  I am leaving those for now because first I have to get the metal ductwork put in position beside the chimney.  Then I can fill in the ceiling around the pieces.  (Well that is my excuse, really I am fed up with drywall)

There is a stud on the far wall in the workshop that remains and so I put dywall mud right up to it on each side.  I'm not sure if that is a good idea or not, the mud may crack being beside the wood stud.  We'll see...

I now have a coat of primer on all the workshop walls and I still have my plumbing there that needs to be removed.

 The small washroom is being painted with a primer in this photo, once that is dry I will most likely paint it with some light blue leftover paint.

I am still not sure what colour to paint the workshop?  I was thinking of white, but with the white ceiling, white doors and white trim on the windows (now that the white primer is on) it is just too much white for me.  I will decide after I see the bathroom in the light blue.  I will do a light shade, but either blue, turquoise or ??

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