Monday, November 16, 2015

Painting Trim and a Man on a Truck

I've been painting trim, miles and miles of trim.  Some of it still at the bottom of the walls, some of it around windows and doors and some in pieces. I'm using semi-gloss in Benjamin Moore's Simply White (the 2016 "colour" of the year):

On Friday I went outside my back door to do something and saw this truck at the business being renovated nearby.  Between that auto parts business and mine is a garden.

That's my husband on top of the truck.  There is a little seat up there where he operates the crane that takes supplies off the delivery truck that he drives.  Kind of fun to see that! Here's a closeup:

Small town, eh?


  1. Trim. Ugh. Makes a huge difference when it's painted ... doing it is a chore. What you are doing looks great!

  2. White can be the "color of the year?"
    2016 may be a bit bland I fear.
    Everything seems to be coming along nicely. I don't envy you the trim painting but I'm glad your saw is back!
    Also I want to ride on the truck!

  3. that's funny that your hubs was working so close to home! :)

    everything looks fabulous Julie! You're getting there!

    You must be thrilled to have your table saw back.


  4. Ha, yeah, small town! I'm considering that color for my son's room, it looks good.


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