Dining With Michael Bublé

I have always enjoyed making personal gifts for my family. When my children were little I sewed and knitted clothes and constructed many, many gifts.  This year I have only made one gift and it is for my mother.  She is in a nursing home and just adores Michael Bublé.  She does have a large photocopied picture of him attached to her walker which was made by one of the staff to encourage my mother to go to the dining room.  Her photo has gotten a little worn out, so I've made her something new.

I found an image online and copied it on my home printer.  I cut out the image and laid it face down on a scrap piece of 1/4" thick plywood.  (When using a jigsaw you get a smoother cut on the bottom because the blade cuts as it pulls up through the wood)  I traced around the image and made a very shallow cut all around with my utility knife (box cutter) and then with my jigsaw, leaving about 3/8" below the shape of the image (this will make sense in a minute).  I painted the back and the narrow sides with black craft paint.

I sprayed the image with a clear sealer to avoid getting bubbles in the finish and then glued it on the front of the plywood piece with Mod Podge. 

I then cut a slot, with my tablesaw, in a piece of pine.  The extra 3/8" at the bottom of the image is then glued into the slot in the pine base. The length of the base is cut to fit the width of the image.

 I stained the base and printed off something for my mom which I also attached with Mod Podge.

Michael stands at about 9" tall and the base is 5" wide x 3 1/2".  It makes me laugh having him in my workshop, it turned out better than I expected and he looks quite real!

I need to get this to the post office tomorrow and hope it gets to my mother in time for Christmas.

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