Getting Organized with Tool Racks

For those of you new to this blog, just a quick overview.  I am renovating a house that is just around the corner from my house, to be used as my workshop and a small retail space where I will sell what I make.

I took down walls and turned two rooms (previously a living room and an office), into one, which is my workshop.  Beside that, is the kitchen and dining area.  I haven't shown a photo of the kitchen (I will in a future post), but this is the corner, perhaps where a dining room table would be placed when this was used as a house.

I will use the kitchen and dining area as my painting spot and also a place to keep some supplies. My thought was to put the wall mounted bins that I just posted about, as well as the bookcase that I made, in this corner.

Of course, seeing that the walls really needed painting, it made sense to paint them before attaching anything.  Because I knew once I put things on the walls, they would not get painted for a long time, if ever!

So, I put a primer on and then I painted the walls with the same Sea Foam paint that I used in the workshop (because I had some left over) on the top and Simply White on the bottom.  I did not remove casings, trim nor flooring.

I then attached the bins and my bookcase on the wall, and put my filing cabinets on the floor beneath. They hold cabinet handles, picture frames, shop tool manuals and some other odds and ends.  I also put my safe here, it came with the house.

Some of my woodworking books are in the bookcase, other books are still waiting to be sorted out.

Behind this corner is an angled wall in my workshop.  It is where I am hanging my clamps and other tools on french cleats.

I also have a pegboard for some hand tools, beside my drill press.

The window adds a lot of light into the workshop.

As you can see, I'm getting organized.  I think I need some inspirational signs above my tools racks.  I'll have to find someone to make me some ;)

I'll talk about the clamp racks in a bit more detail next time.

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