Was Your Tree Backwards?

I put up a very small lighted Christmas village for the holidays.  I must say it's really not very well done, the cotton batting "snow" is very lumpy... but I digress...

So, the other day, my husband (Eric) found an old red toy truck when he was looking through a box for something.  He showed it to me and I declared it would be just the right thing for my Christmas village, and the scale seemed to fit.

Now, being an observer of many blogs and Pinterest, etc. I saw a LOT of red toy trucks with a tree on the back, used as d├ęcor at Christmas time. It seemed to me that most of them had the tree top towards the front of the truck.  So... this is what I did.

I thought it was quite cute.

Apparently, I was wrong because Eric said I had the tree on backwards.  This was not the way to transport a tree, due to the angle of the branches, as they would catch the wind!  (Eric has been in the trucking business for about 40 years.)

I switched the tree around, even though it didn't appeal to my artistic side.

There you go, I said.  He frowned.  "Why is the tree base on top of the cab?" the trucker asked. And why is it not tied down?

I quickly grabbed the nearest elastic band and hurriedly wrapped it around the tree.

This passed inspection, except for one tiny detail.  It would need a red flag on the end (the tip of the tree) because it was hanging off the back of the truck.

Was YOUR tree backwards?

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