Friday, March 4, 2016

Rolling Assembly and Parts Cart

I have had this cart for quite a few years.  It started out as something a friend got me years ago, as part of a skateboard ramp set for my kids to use.  I put locking casters on the bottom, a shelf in the middle and carpet on the top and used it in my shop.

That was in my last shop.  The problem with the new shop is that the cart won't fit through the doorway and also won't fit between the end of my table saw and the corner of the wall beside it.

Rolling carts like this are great for putting parts on.  I have used this to move wood from the jointer to the planer and then to the table saw.  I used to put clamps on the shelf.  You can glue parts together or do other types of jobs with this cart, it's really handy.

So, I took one side off, cut the horizontal cross pieces and top and put it back together.  I painted it and have not yet put a shelf in the middle.

Now it fits through the door!


  1. Nice, now I want to put wheels on one of my workbenches! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks Anne. I should have said they are locking wheels, as sometimes when you are working on the bench you don't want it to move

  2. The wheels are the perfect addition. I need something like this to paint on in our garage. Thanks for visiting and I hope you start to see some signs of Spring before long.

  3. I love tables/carts on wheels!

    perfect solution Julie.


  4. I'm loving wheels this days! And hey it looks more stylish too. :)

  5. This looks great! I need one, of course I need a cool shop like yours too! Love the new paint job you gave it!


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