Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Shop Counter

I have been working for the last couple of days on a counter for my retail shop. Because I don't have much square footage in that room I wanted a counter that was not too large.  I read an article a few years ago about selling at craft shows, which said that when you have customers it is best not to sit nor display your crafts at a regular table height. I found this to be true, because customers are usually standing, and if you are sitting on a chair, they are looking down on you.  So... my counter would be made at a height that I could use while seated on a bar stool.

I decided to use 1" x 4" wood and paint the wood different colours and then distress them.  This is how I make a lot of my products, with the distressed look.

Since I am on an island, I chose beach type colours... white, two shades of turquoise and two shades of blue.

I laid out the pieces of wood to see how many I would need side-by-side to make the front of my counter and figured that ten pieces would be best.  That ends up being about 36" wide.  I used only four pieces for the sides and it is U-shaped.

Horizontally, on the top and bottom of the painted pieces I used some worn looking 1" x  6" pieces of wood that were "hanging around!"

Here's a side section, the painted boards are pin nailed to the horizontal ones:

The top was made with four pieces of the same 1" x 6" boards, which kind of look like barn board, they are a nice grey-brown.  The top overhangs the front and sides by about 1 1/4".

Step right up, I'd be happy to serve you!

Darn... now I have to find a stool, I'm not sure I want to make one, but who knows?

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  1. That's cute! I found quite a few stools over the years at yard sales - save yourself the work and take in a few!

  2. Great color choices. Thank you for the tip about the height of your items for sale.

  3. perfect choice Julie! I made something similar for my craft shows and I really like the height of it. It's easier for the cash or credit transaction when the customer doesn't have to bend over. :)

    Love the colors!


  4. Ha! My favorite part is the strikethrough made in China! Awesome. :)


  5. What an inviting counter! The beach-y colors really pop with the chalkboard background.

  6. Love it, Julie! Love the height and love the colors. Great choice!

  7. So cute, I love the blues! Thanks for linking up to Talk of the Town!

  8. This turned out beautiful, Julie, and it would work well as a small kitchen counter too. Thanks for sharing it at Talk of the Town - I'm pinning it on the party board and gave you a shout-out on Facebook!

  9. Looks great! The colors are perfect as is the slightly aged quality of the wood - perfect contrast in front of the blackboard wall as well.
    Will you be adding a couple of shelves under there?

  10. Julie! I love love love it! Perfect in every way, the colors are so pretty!

  11. SUPER gorgeous, Julie! I'd love a wall done with that treatment!

    Wonderful looking shop!

  12. Loving the blues looks fantastic.

  13. A great counter and I love love the distressed colours. I agree with Anne, look for a stool at garage sales or on online classifieds.


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