Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Old Barn Board

I bought a stack of about island barn board that is about 100 years old, last fall.  The person I bought it from had taken it off an old barn nearby.  Some of it is 12" wide and many pieces still have nails in them.

Here's a sign I recently made and sold with a piece of that wood, it's about 23" x 9"

I made another one yesterday with the same wording and font, but of course every piece of wood is different, and this one is a big larger.

On another note, I received a lovely gift of flowers from my mother-in-law, congratulating me on the opening of my shop.  It was a nice surprise... thanks Thelma!


  1. these are all cute! Hope your shop is doing well.

  2. Congrats on your opening! And thanks for putting that song in my head! =D


  3. Cute! It would look great in a bedroom. Congrats on the opening. Love your logo on the chalkboard wall!


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