Adding a Level to a Trophy

I suppose word is getting out in my small town that I am a woodworker.  I had the most interesting job brought to me a few weeks ago. Before I get to that, some background information first.

 We have many farmers in the area that farm potatoes.  Prince Edward Island potatoes are known to be some of the best in the world!  And our town holds a Potato Festival which includes an award for the "Potato Producer of the Year."

Along with the award goes a trophy that has been given out since 1989!

And the trophy has run out of space for the name plaques that state the winner each year!  So, I was honoured to be asked to make another level, or base to the trophy.

The trophy is made of ash and the committee wanted the new base to match the wood as well as the angled sides of the original trophy.

I finished it the other day and here it is.  I hope to be at the festival dinner when the trophy is presented to the farmer for this year.  It will be fun to see it there!

You just never know who will walk in to the shop and what they might want me to make.