Friday, August 26, 2016

Seahorse from Distressed Striped Wood Pieces

I had hoped to post this last week but my computer died and all my photos, saved websites, plans, etc were on it.  I bought an iPad Pro, so I'm learning the Apple system, as well as getting used to a tablet after having a desktop for many, many years.  And... I still need to recover all my saved items. Then I tried blogging and could not get my photos to load <sigh>.  So now I have switched to a blogger app, fingers crossed this works because I'm too old to learn much more new technology!   Okay, here is the third in a series of four striped wood pieces.  The seahorse:
                                                 This piece is 34 1/2" tall, 13" wide and 1" thick. Each stripe is a separate piece of wood, painted, distressed and stained before being attached to the backboard. If you haven't seen the previous shapes, they were the lobster and the mermaid.
Striped Lobster
   I am really not liking this new system...


  1. The seahorse is my favorite!!!


  2. I'm playing blog-reader-catch-up again.
    OK, this is my favorite one! It's really beautiful. And all those scallop edge cuts must have taken forever.
    And I'm SO sorry to hear of your computer woes (but comforted to hear you can recover the files etc). Hang in there. I so hear you about new technology.

  3. Oh Julie, so sorry to hear about your computer troubles. At one point I also tried to get used to a tablet but I couldn't. I hope everything works out for you. I love the wooden figures, beautiful work!


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