Friday, September 9, 2016

Improving the Bakery Sign

If you recall, I made a sign for a new local bakery and café.  I was pleased with how the sign turned out except for one issue I had with it.

Let me backtrack a bit. The sign was to go in the entrance of the bakery, which has yellow walls and white trim. My sign has a grey background, which I thought would show up well against the yellow. Only problem is that the entranceway doesn't have yellow walls, it has grey walls. Something that I apparently did not realize when I made the sign. 

Bakery Sign Before 

I went and removed the sign and made a backing board to fit behind it.

Bakery Sign After 

I think it's much better like this!

I'll post something else I made for the bakery in a few days.




  1. What a difference that made - so surprising!

  2. Can I have some stuff FROM the bakery?? =D


  3. So much better I guess! It's all in the little details. ;)

  4. Beautiful sign Julie, so nicely done! Good fix for that little problem by adding the border. You're so talented when it comes to painting.



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