Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Wedding "Guest Book"

Apparently it's common these days for the bride and groom to have a large board or sign at their wedding reception for guests to sign their names on. I've made a few.

This one is 5 boards glued together and stained. The bride-to-be wanted the edges to be darker and uneven, so I sanded the middle section only. I then painted their initials and wedding date.  They used a permanent marker for the guests to write on the board.  This piece was about 30" wide and 16" tall. It's a nice keepsake that the couple can hang in their house for many years to come.

guest book 

Thanks to the bride, Annie, for sending me this photo of the "guest book" at the reception:

guest book 

Tomorrow I'll post a couple more guest books that I recently made.

I enjoy working with brides, maybe you know a bride I can make something for?

follow your heart woodworking  

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