North Poles Again

For those of you who have been reading for awhile, you may remember the North Poles I made four years ago. I kept one for myself and sold the other three, one to Illinois, one to Virginia and the third one I sent to a Texas about six weeks ago. I have had many enquiries through Etsy even though I didn't have any listed for sale any more (the power of the internet!)

My husband really likes these North Poles and encouraged me to make some more, so I did make two. They really are quite a lot of work, painting the stripes, and also the sign itself and gluing on the bottom two squares and the ball on top.

I finished them two days ago and that very evening when I got back from the shop and checked my emails, I had an interested buyer in Florida. I listed the two on Etsy and she purchased one. Then today another person, who saw the Poles on Pinterest, contacted me through my Facebook page. So the second one is sold to New Jersey!

North Pole 
North Pole 

The finished height is 33" and the sign is 15" x 3 1/2". 

 I might need to make some more!

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