Friday, October 28, 2016


Since I have a bicycle outside my shop, why not use it for a Hallowe'en decoration? Of course I just HAD to put a witch on that bike!

My daughter helped by painting purple stripes on the bottoms of an old pair of her jeans.

I cut the profile of a witch's face (actually from the Wizard of Oz) out of plywood and painted it green.

I stapled on an old witches hat (my daughter once used as part of a costume) and I cut another piece of plywood for the upper body and attached it to the head. Then I put an old shirt on the witch and stuffed that and the pants with old newspapers and grocery bags. In order to get her to stay on the bike, I screwed the body piece of wood to another piece that went across the shoulders and screwed on to my sign post. Then I added old shoes and gloves as well as a cape. These were all things I had already, so this didn't cost me anything to make.

witch outside shop 

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  1. lol, I don't personally celebrate Halloween, but that is super cute. And I love the pumpkins!

  2. Love the witch, good job. And the puppy in the basket is cute, too

  3. Ha! Perfect! I bet passersby love it!


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