Sunday, December 11, 2016

Wood Wall in Office


My husband needed a small office in the old house that my workshop and retail store is in. If you are following this blog you might remember that I put a new laminate floor in the front room that houses my store.  I used the old flooring  taken from that area and put it in a bedroom upstairs.
I figured the wall colour might not be the best for Eric, so I first patched the cracks in the drywall, and then painted the ceiling in white. And then the walls were painted a light green called "Maid of the Mist" by Benjamin Moore.

On one wall I decided to put a huge map of the USA and Canada, Eric being a long-haul trucker has been to pretty much everywhere in these two countries. Around the map I wanted to put planks of wood to make a feature wall that he would face when sitting at his desk.

So, I first painted brown in the areas where the wood would be placed. (This avoids purple from showing through any gaps in the wood pieces)

I used 1" x 4" strapping and stained it in four different shades, from light to dark. After finding and marking where the studs were behind the drywall (I use a strong magnet) I cut the wood into lengths that ended on studs so that I could use my pin-nailer to nail the wood right into the studs. 


I worked around where the map would go and just overlapped it by about 1/2" on each edge. I really should have had help putting up the map, it's laminated in plastic and fell on my head a few times, leaving some crease marks, unfortunately. (I did all of this work myself)

In the corner behind the door there were some shelves made of pressed wood. I replaced them with shelves I made from the same stained wood that I put on the walls. The corner area was painted white, I'm thinking I may go back and paint that the same green as the walls, but it's white for now.
 It all turned out quite nicely, I've just been looking for a good used solid wood desk. If I can't find one I'll have to make one, I guess.



  1. Nice work again Julie. Think you should add more social buttons to share the blog :)

    1. Sorry John, I haven't been able to figure out how to do that!

  2. Julie, I love that planked wall! I wonder why you didn't cover the entire wall with the planks, maybe you didn't have enough? My thinking is that, I love changing the wall art, so it would've been good for me to have the entire wall with the pretty planks for whatever art I might like after getting tired of the map. However, knowing this is going to be a man's office that's probably not going to happen any time soon. :D Those shelves are perfect and I like the white in there.

    1. Honestly, it would have been too much work and I didn't feel it was necessary. The map won't be changed out as it's a reference for my husband's work, as well as art work. I have two other bedrooms upstairs in the shop (house) plus a bathroom that need to be done, including floors and painting. AND still things to do in my own house!

  3. The office is coming along so nice! It seems that TOTT features go pretty quick and when I went to select yours as a feature, someone else had already chosen it. ;)
    We appreciate you sharing your projects at tal of the town!



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