Saturday, August 27, 2016

Fixing an Old Chair

I have been working on a chair for someone who spends her summers here on Prince Edward Island. The chair belonged to her grandmother and doesn't have "antique" value but does have sentimental value.  Apparently my customer's previous dog didn't know that because he chewed on the arms. Here's one:
So I bought some maple and traced the two arms on it and then cut them out with my jigsaw. (The notch at the back is to hold a cross piece that the back of the seat rests against.)
The previous photo, as well as the next one shows the two arms back to back and stuck together with carpet tape. That helped me to get them the same shape and then I could round off the top edges on my router.
I then had to drill holes for the screws and still need to make some plugs to cover the screw heads.  What I'm working on right now is wood slats on the bottom to replace the old springs and metal straps under the seat cushion area.  Then I have to prime and paint the whole chair. The customer has decided on a bright green.    
 I'll post more later when I get further along.



Friday, August 26, 2016

Seahorse from Distressed Striped Wood Pieces

I had hoped to post this last week but my computer died and all my photos, saved websites, plans, etc were on it.  I bought an iPad Pro, so I'm learning the Apple system, as well as getting used to a tablet after having a desktop for many, many years.  And... I still need to recover all my saved items. Then I tried blogging and could not get my photos to load <sigh>.  So now I have switched to a blogger app, fingers crossed this works because I'm too old to learn much more new technology!   Okay, here is the third in a series of four striped wood pieces.  The seahorse:
                                                 This piece is 34 1/2" tall, 13" wide and 1" thick. Each stripe is a separate piece of wood, painted, distressed and stained before being attached to the backboard. If you haven't seen the previous shapes, they were the lobster and the mermaid.
Striped Lobster
   I am really not liking this new system...

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Lobster from Distressed Striped Wood Pieces

This is the second piece (of four) that I made with wood cut in to strips and painted and distressed.
The other day I showed my mermaid.

Here is my lobster, he is 24 1/2" long x 12" wide and 1" thick.

This time I added pink and red and brown to the colours I was using for the stripes. I felt these were lobster colours in some way!

Here's a closeup (the brown in the above photo is not quite correct, it is more reddish-brown like below):
All of my creations are available in my shop or online by contacting me through email or my facebook page.

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Mermaid from Distressed Striped Wood Pieces

I've been busy in my shop and made some pieces over a month ago that I haven't had time to blog about.

A few of the new creations are made with strips of wood that I paint, distress, stain and attach to a backing of either plywood or mdf board.  Then I cut the final shape and stain the edges and clear coat the whole piece.

Here's the first one... a mermaid.  [See my lobster made with the same technique here]

She is 25" long, 16" tall and 1" thick.

This view, taken from an angle, lets you see the thickness of the piece better:

I've use white, a medium blue and two shades of turquoise.  Beachy colours I've used before on both my shop counter:
 As well as my mirror:

All of these pieces (well not my counter, but I could make you one) are available in my shop or online by contacting me through email or my facebook page.

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