Sunday, October 30, 2016

North Poles Again

For those of you who have been reading for awhile, you may remember the North Poles I made four years ago. I kept one for myself and sold the other three, one to Illinois, one to Virginia and the third one I sent to a Texas about six weeks ago. I have had many enquiries through Etsy even though I didn't have any listed for sale any more (the power of the internet!)

My husband really likes these North Poles and encouraged me to make some more, so I did make two. They really are quite a lot of work, painting the stripes, and also the sign itself and gluing on the bottom two squares and the ball on top.

I finished them two days ago and that very evening when I got back from the shop and checked my emails, I had an interested buyer in Florida. I listed the two on Etsy and she purchased one. Then today another person, who saw the Poles on Pinterest, contacted me through my Facebook page. So the second one is sold to New Jersey!

North Pole 
North Pole 

The finished height is 33" and the sign is 15" x 3 1/2". 

 I might need to make some more!

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Friday, October 28, 2016


Since I have a bicycle outside my shop, why not use it for a Hallowe'en decoration? Of course I just HAD to put a witch on that bike!

My daughter helped by painting purple stripes on the bottoms of an old pair of her jeans.

I cut the profile of a witch's face (actually from the Wizard of Oz) out of plywood and painted it green.

I stapled on an old witches hat (my daughter once used as part of a costume) and I cut another piece of plywood for the upper body and attached it to the head. Then I put an old shirt on the witch and stuffed that and the pants with old newspapers and grocery bags. In order to get her to stay on the bike, I screwed the body piece of wood to another piece that went across the shoulders and screwed on to my sign post. Then I added old shoes and gloves as well as a cape. These were all things I had already, so this didn't cost me anything to make.

witch outside shop 

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Hanging Skulls

I found some skull shapes at Instructables here and decided to cut some out to hang from my tree in front of my shop.

I made them smaller than the instructions and cut them out with my jigsaw, then painted them white.  The skulls ended up being 10 1/2" long by 7 1/2" wide. Just a little something extra to add to my decorations.


Skulls in tree 

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Sunday, October 16, 2016



I needed some decorations around my shop for Hallowe'en so I decided to make some wood pumpkins. With orange paint actually called "Orange You Happy," I painted a few 10' pieces of 1" x 4" spruce strapping. Then some of it was ripped into half to make some thinner boards, and all of it was sanded and then coated with either grey or brown stain. I curved the edges of some pieces with my jigsaw to make a pumpkin shape.

Each one is a bit different than the other, but they are 12"-20" high and 14"-18" wide. I alternated between the grey stained and brown stained pieces and attached them with my nail gun to a few cross pieces. At the bottom I sat a 2" x 4" and nailed that there to give a base to hold up the pumpkin. I used a scrap piece of old barnboard for the stem.


They all sit outside my shop when it's open.
shop front door Hallowe'en  
shop front Hallowe'en  

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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Fall Scarecrow

I did show my scarecrow in a previous post, but now I'll show some close ups and give a little more detail.

I used an old 6" wide and 5' long, piece of wood given to me by a customer who didn't need it and a few other pieces. I cut a head (circular) shape at the top and a long leg gap at the bottom.  I found another piece of wood, about 3" wide for the arms. I screwed this on the back (after painting) so that I could put it away in storage easier by removing the screws. I dry brushed white for the head, red for the shirt and blue for the overalls.

The pocket, the finger part of the mittens, as well as the buttons, are cut out of plywood and glued on top of the main body parts. This adds some extra dimension. 

I painted some details for the face and made a plaid looking design for the shirt. There are some details on the overalls including a painted on patch. Also, some raffia was added under the pocket, around the wrists, and under the hat.  I cut a crow out of plywood after seeing it at  
this blog (thanks Paula)

crow on hat 
I wired him to a straw hat that I bought years ago (for less than a dollar) knowing I'd use it sometime!

I put the scarecrow out in front of my shop each morning and bring him back inside when I close up for the night.

He stays behind the shop counter, just in case I need the extra help when I'm gone.

scarecrow in shop 
I'll show my pumpkins in more detail next time.
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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Fall Garland

fall décor 

Now that fall is upon us, I felt it was time to change my outdoor décor at my shop. Down came the pennant of coloured triangles that matched the towns
festival décor  
I started by finding three leaf shapes online and cut out the shapes, with my jigsaw, from plywood.

fall leaves 
I painted them red, yellow, and orange and drilled two holes in each.

Some were stringed together to form a garland that I hung outside my shop.


The others were painted with the letters for HAPPY FALL and strung together for my new scarecrow to hold.

Happy Fall 
I'll share my scarecrow next time.