Friday, January 27, 2017

Ice Storm Photos

A few days ago our island was hit by an ice storm. It pretty well closed down everything for the day and coated everything with a thick layer of ice. We were fortunate, but many people were without electricity for a couple days. Many tree limbs came down, including quite a few from the old maple tree in front of my shop. I took some photos which I'll share here.

The sign by the back door of our house:
 Our pickup truck:
The shaft of our snow shovel:
The back gate at our house:



  1. So glad you didn't loose power! It's flooded quite a bit here in Houston the last two years, but that ice can be dangerous.

  2. Wow! I knew that the Nor-easter that we had last week went north as a snow and ice storm, but I didn't realize that it was as bad as that for you. That's a LOT of ice!

  3. brrrr makes me cold just looking at the pics. We were blessed with beautiful weather yesterday--I was able to paint a couple of projects! Today and tomorrow, lots of rain and even some thunderstorms. :(

    Thanks for sharing those pics with us.


  4. Oh my, that's super cold! On the contrary, we're having such a nice weather around here. Crossing my fingers for it to stays like this until Spring.


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