Sunday, April 16, 2017

New Roof for the Shop

Last fall we decided we had better put a new roof on the shop before we experienced a big roof leak. When we bought the house we knew the shingles were in terrible condition and would have to be replaced.

The roof was done in sections to prevent the chance of rain getting through to the interior. The roofers started at the front.
Once the shingles were removed, we could see there were huge gaps in the planks the shingles were fastened to. This place is about 100 years old so these were likely the original roof boards. The roofer needed to put plywood over the old boards, so that they had something to actually nail the new shingles to. Of course this was the right thing to do but greatly increased the cost of the project!

The side roof of the shop had newer brown shingles on it but when they were removed, again, the planks underneath were in terrible shape.

   So plywood went on here as well and then the shingles.

Lastly the back was finished... yes more plywood!


The reason this post took so long was that I never got the "after" photos taken before the snow fell. I just took them about a month ago when there was still a little snow around.


The roofers did an excellent job, didn't cut any corners and cleaned up quite well. BUT it did cost us a small fortune to have this done!



  1. ouch! But a leak could cause thousands of dollars in damage (we gutted a bathroom last year due to water damage that the previous owner just covered up! And when I say gutted, I mean down to the studs...). Now you'll be nice and cozy in your shop for years to come!

  2. The cost is a drag but so much better to feel confident in the roof - esp in your part of the world that has actual weather!

  3. What a job! It IS a pain to pay up front for all those costs, but the peace of mind you're going to have for so many years from now is priceless! Gorgeous after.

  4. Whoa! Julie-that's a big job. so sorry that it turned into such a big expense for you. I know that's no fun at all. The roof looks fabulous!



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