Buffet Hutch - Part eight - Making the hutch

This is a continuation of the posts:

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There will be two sides of solid pine that will need dovetail grooves to hold the shelves, a rabbet at the top to hold the top and a rabbet down the back edge to sit the back pieces in.  The dovetail grooves are first run through with a straight bit in order to remove some of the material and make the dovetail bit have an easier time cutting through.

Side piece:
(the cutout piece you can see above in the right corner will hold a horizontal piece for the back to sit against)

This shows the shelf sliding in from the back and also the rabbet along the back edge:

The face frame for the hutch:

An important note.  My face frame clips over the sides, as I've explained earlier in the buffet post.  So it doesn't just butt up to the side edges, it goes over them. This means the shelves and top piece have to sit back 3/8" from the side edges so that they will butt up to the face frame.

Here's a closeup view of the side sitting in the style:

A view from the back of the shelves and top in place:
 (You can also see that they sit up against the face frame)

Almost finished, just the back and top moldings to do...

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