Shutter and Pallet Wood Creation - part 3

To make the cupboard I will need to use the size of the shutter which is the door.  Since the shutter is already made, I will build the cupboard around it.

**Here's a link to the first post in the series ~ part 1

The shutter measures:
I have to remember to leave a gap around the shutter door, for it to be able to swing and not get stuck in the opening.  So the door cavity will be about 10 1/8" wide x 23" deep.

The shutter will sit between two square legs like this:

 And the back will need to be wide enough to be as wide as the door cavity PLUS extra on each end so that I can make a tenon that will fit into the leg.

In case I lost some of you, I don't use pocket screws to attach parts.  I use tenons, which extend from one piece; and mortises, which are the holes in the other piece. This is a wood joint that will last. Here's an example of a tenon (a dovetail in this case) fitting into a leg.  This is from the small lamp table I made here

So, the back piece as well as the side pieces of my cupboard will fit into the legs.  I haven't yet decided if I will use a dovetail or a straight tenon, it will depend on the thickness of wood I can get out of the pallets.

The sides and back are made from gluing side-to-side strips of pallet wood

 I had better get to the shop and get working on this...

This project continues here at part 4

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