Monday, November 26, 2012

Routed out Serving Tray

I decided to use some of my wood stock to make some trays. The first one I made is a routed out serving tray.

I started with a piece of birch that I planed down and cut to the size of 25" long x  7 1/2" wide x 13/16" thick:

For 3" at each end, on the underside of the piece, I routed out a depth of  5/16" using a bowl bit:

(This was cleaned up afterwards with a sander.)

Here you can see the profile of the tray from the side:

I then drew out a rectangle 17 1/4" x 6 1/2" that I would route out inside the tray on the top side:

I proceeded to route out  3/8" deep

Once it was routed out I sanded, sanded and sanded some more:

I coated the whole board with mineral oil, let that soak in and then coated it again:

This tray will be available for sale here at my blog or through my website
and also at the upcoming 
Witty Artisan Christmas Craft Show
on Dec. 2, 2012 at the Portage Restaurant in North Bay, ON

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  1. I LOVE that! I really need to learn to use the router.

  2. Julie-your tray is beautiful! I'm scared of my router. I think you should do a video. :)


  3. Lovely!!! Thank you so much for sharing this at Rustic Restorations Weekend!

  4. This is so beautiful and unique, love it!

  5. This piece is absolutely beautiful, Julie! You are really talented!

  6. That is such a beautiful and functional piece! Great design,

  7. Hello! Visiting from Simply Vintageous. I LOVE this tray! Beautiful. Can't wait to check out more of your projects - new follower!


  8. Did you use a template or anything? I just got a router and would love to know how to use it to do something like this!

  9. I used a "bowl bit" in my router, with a large flat bottom. I set up a wood border all the way around the tray, clamped on, so that the router could only go so far and it would leave an edge around the tray. I wouldn't do something like this for my first project, but it's not difficult. I would suggest you practice with some scrap wood. There are hundreds of different bits that do different things. Please make sure you have safety instructions for the proper use of a router before doing anything.


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