Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Making Interior Pine Doors - Part 4: the parts go together

This is Part 4 of a series that starts here

Before I cut my rails to length I make sure the exact size I need.  I won't go into the fractions, etc, because no one will have the same sizes as I have anyway, but it's important to check that the doors will fit the opening with the hinge and a space between.

I laid my pieces out before putting the tenons on the ends of the rails.  I also made sure my pieces of "panelling" would fit into the grooves in the rails.

Here is one of the rails with the haunched tenon ready to go.  With this orientation it would go on the top, the bottom edge is grooved, but the top edge would not be grooved:

It fits into the door stile and the grooves line up.  I am putting a plexiglass window in the top, I'll get to that next time.

Here is a middle rail, it has tenons on both ends, and grooves on the top and bottom edges. (The middle two rails on each door do not have the haunch, that is only on the top and bottom rails)

This shows how the middle rail sits with the panel pieces fitting into each side:

 I put it all together in a "dry run" to see if everything fits okay (not so easy for one person).  I use my long clamps and pull it all together gradually.

Here it the first door propped in place (with the horns still on the top and bottom)

It was nice to see this progress, but I still have much more to do...


  1. Did I ever mention how awesome you are?
    You amaze me - can't wait to see these finished!

  2. Sweet Julie!I can't wait to see segment 5!

  3. Looking good! These are really amazing.

  4. sweet doors! love to watch you build :)

  5. I just went through all the series and Wow! It's so much fun to see how a projects keeps evolving, it looks really good already! Can't wait to see what's next!

  6. You are super skilled. I wish I had your abilities!
    Also, this is very random, but Matt and I are thinking non-stop about baby names right now and I just wanted to say how pretty yours is!



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