Thursday, February 21, 2013

Making Interior Pine Doors - Part 6: the large door

This is Part 6 of a series that starts here

Gluing the large door stumped me for a while, as I tried to figure out the order of gluing the parts together.

Because there is a center stile (vertical piece) and that piece has tenons on each end, I have to glue that center stile into the top and bottom before I put the two outer side stiles on.

After much thought, this is the order I glued the pieces together.

First I glued the two right-side rails to the center stile as seen here in red:

Then I glued the two left-side rails to the center stile as seen in blue:

This was really getting unwieldy and my clamps were not long enough, but I hooked a few together to get the parts glued.

The next step was to glue the top and bottom rails on, seen here in green:

Now, I could slide in the panel pieces to one side as I did with the three smaller doors:

And then glue on one side stile as seen in orange:

After this, I glue the other side in the same way. I don't have any photos of this door in glue-up mode, most likely because it was a big struggle and I was frustrated.  But anyway, it worked out well.


Next I will hinge and hang the doors!


  1. Once again Julie - AMAZING - you really are, you know!!!

  2. Fantastic! I love how it turned out. How many are you going to make?

  3. There are 4 doors, three are regular size and one is larger. I explain about it in my earlier parts, specifically here: Part 2

  4. looking great! I too hook clamps together. ;)


  5. How exciting! It is a beautiful door!


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