Monday, March 10, 2014

Horse Heads Coat Rack

Here's another coat rack I made with my router.

I used a pine board and removed the background behind the horses heads.  I also routed some vertical lines to make the appearance of a fence along the bottom.

The horses are then painted black and the rest is stained.  I added 3 black pegs to the board.

This was inspired by a work by Thomas Molesworth who is well known for his "cowboy style" furniture. He made a bed with a similar image of horses heads on the footboard.

My horse head coat rack is 28 3/4" long and 7" high.  The three pegs are each about 2 1/8" long. I routed three key holes on the back for hanging.  The price is $125 plus shipping.

This, as all my other work, is also available by contacting me personally, or through my etsy shop.


  1. Beautiful work Julie! My router is my least favorite tool. I should use it more often so I can get better with it. :)

    love your coat rack!

  2. Wow! That's just terrific!
    (and seriously need a tutorial on how you did it because it looks amazing)

  3. How gorgeous Julie - you have no idea how amazing you are!!!
    This is something else ( I'll have to order something like this in the fall for a xmas gift for my daughter who is horse CRAZY !!! )

  4. Oh that's neat! You are really good with the router.


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