Thursday, February 19, 2015

Getting the Bed Upstairs

I am late on posting this, but really should tell the story of getting our bed into our bedroom.

The first night we got here (November 1st, only 3 1/2 months ago), we slept on our queen size mattress in the dining room.  Maybe we slept a couple days there, I don't remember, but the problem was how to get the bed upstairs?

We have a nice old staircase, but it's very narrow and very compact and the ceiling is quite low around it.

We could not fit the mattress and box springs up the stairs. Our second floor windows are all too small to fit the bed through them, so that wouldn't do as an alternate route.

We went to a local furniture store to see if we could buy a bed with a split mattress (I believe most King size beds come as two mattresses?)  After seeing the ridiculously high prices on mattresses, we weren't sure what to do.  Upon discussion with a store employee, she suggested we buy a split box spring and try and "bend" the mattress up the stairs.  Now, if the mattress had have been old, or lower priced we may have bought a new one, but since that was not the case, we figured we would go home and see if we could force this thing up the stairs.

Using a ratchet tie down like this:

 which we tightened as much as we could, we actually did bend the mattress and squeezed it up the stairs.

Then we decided to cut apart the box spring.  First we carefully took off the thin fabric on the bottom, then we cut the wood that ran down both edges of the long length of the box, only on the bottom portion (sorry no photo).  This enabled us to fold the box spring just enough to get it up the stairs.

So, although it's there now, the bed was sagging in the middle because our bed frame has no center support.  Here's the fix we've had for over 3 months, yes, it's a car jack. (Please ignore the dust bunnies, we're saving them for Easter)

I will post about the guest bedroom next...

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  1. Holy smokes! I'll bet you were working up a sweat even with the cold weather!!


  2. LOL I looked at houses like that before I bought the one I'm in now. I walked away!!! Mine is a lovely single floor bungalow with a 3' wide garden door into the master. Whew!!! some fun you had there!

  3. I understand it must have been a difficult moment, but your staircase is so beautiful, it was totally worth the effort you put in to get the bed upstairs! I have a not too thick latex mattress, so it's easier to take it up and down when renovation calls for it!

  4. Oh what a pain! Glad you got it up there and genius on the car jack idea! Hey...whatever works! Saving the dust bunnies for Easter...LOL! I'm so going to steal that line!

  5. been there done that! Next door--100 year old house. Great job, good tips!

    car jack? brilliant! lol


  6. Oh man we have totally had moments like this... love the car jack! Use what you have to make it work--that's our motto!

  7. Wow! That is crazy! I am glad you got it up there and I love that you had to use a car jack! ha ha!

  8. Julie,

    I was laughing as I read this because we had to do the same thing! Except we could barely fit a full bed upstairs!

    Have a wonderful day friend!


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