Sunday, January 10, 2016

Lumber Rack in Place

I can't tell you how happy I am to have my lumber rack in place in my new workshop.  I made the lumber rack for my old shop in May of 2010.  I blogged about how to make it HERE.

I had to shorten it to fit in the ceilings, so I cut some off the top of each section.  I then found the studs behind the wall.  This was a bit tricky because there is a layer of drywall and under that some horizontal slats that the drywall was attached to.  Then under those slats is a plaster wall, so a layer of plaster and slats for that.  But because the wall backs up to the basement stairs, I could find the studs by seeing where the drywall beside the stairs was attached to the studs.  I bought 5" long lag screws so that I could get through all the layers and pre-drilled to make sure I hit wood.

I took off the piece of baseboard I had recently put on so that I could sit the uprights on the floor.  Then I cut the baseboard into pieces to fit between.

I had boards all over the place, so it was good to get them on to this rack and out of my way. I still have some wood to go on here, but it's behind other things, so I haven't reached it yet!

This is how the rack looked in my old workshop after being loaded with a new purchase of pine:

 On another note, today is the second birthday of my little Chihuahua, Denver.  Officially known as "Knockout Colorado Kid," Denver is a little bundle of joy!


  1. Nice job! I'm happy for you that you have your workshop back!!

  2. Lookin' good! I've seen that type rack before and it does seem to do the job really well.

  3. Your lumber rack is genius! I have been brainstorming a similar thing, and now I can quit thinking about it ... I will copy yours, if that's okay. I can't stand piles, especially piles on the floor, and this will go a LONG way toward organizing and storing stuff around here. THANK YOU!!!

    Give Denver a big Happy Birthday hug from me!

  4. awww, what a cutie!

    definitely need a better system in my shop, but it's so tiny, and has to hold so much, that it's difficult to make any major changes.

    love your lumber rack!


  5. I NEED this! All my pieces of wood are on the garage floor --> Big mess! Pinning.


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