Thursday, September 15, 2016

Anchor "Guest Book"

Yesterday I showed a board I made for guests to sign at a wedding reception.  Living on an island, we have many fishers here, especially those who go out for lobsters (yum!)

So, some brides here choose a nautical theme for their wedding day, including shells, lobster traps, buoys and anchors.

I've recently made two anchors to be used at wedding receptions, both are 31" tall and 24" across at the widest spot.  One is white and one is mint green, both are distressed. I've also made a turquoise anchor, it was 27" tall and distressed and covered with a grey stain, which gives a different look, that one was sold as a décor item to hang in someone's home.

Here is how I put together the anchors, it's quite a lot of work picking through the wood. I use basic lumber store strapping and try to find sections without too many knots or cracks.

I glue the pieces side by side, usually sections at a time.

Anchor Being Glued 
I draw my pattern on the back and cut it out with a jigsaw. (Since a jigsaw cuts on the pull, or up stroke, it cuts neater on the underside)

Anchor pattern 
Anchor cut out 
I then paint the anchor, let it dry and sand it. Then I wipe on stain, let dry, paint names and cover with a clear coat.

Turquoise Anchor Covered With Grey Stain
Turquoise Anchor with Grey Stain 

White Anchor With Brown Stain
White Anchor 

Light Green Anchor With No Stain
(Not as dark as photo shows on my screen)
 Green Anchor 

As I wrote, the last two will be used for guests to sign at wedding receptions, and make a great keepsake.

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  1. Your work is always so amazing...I look forward to receiving your emails....May your day & week be Blessed

  2. Very nice! I love the script with their name and date too. I guess it figures that people there would have nautical themes just like western is popular here.

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    1. (If it shows as ??, sorry, was supposed to be a rose for you!)

  4. I guess I didn't realize you draw your patterns freehand! You are so creative. :)


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