Sunday, October 2, 2016

Fall Garland

fall décor 

Now that fall is upon us, I felt it was time to change my outdoor décor at my shop. Down came the pennant of coloured triangles that matched the towns
festival décor  
I started by finding three leaf shapes online and cut out the shapes, with my jigsaw, from plywood.

fall leaves 
I painted them red, yellow, and orange and drilled two holes in each.

Some were stringed together to form a garland that I hung outside my shop.


The others were painted with the letters for HAPPY FALL and strung together for my new scarecrow to hold.

Happy Fall 
I'll share my scarecrow next time.



  1. Your leaf garland is too cute, Julie! I really need to practice using my jigsaw more!

  2. Love your wooden garland! Lisa@ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  3. What a sweet fall garland Julie! It looks perfectly awesome on the porch. I still want to make one of those benches...


  4. You are nailing it (carpenter pun!) with all these fall projects!


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