Sunday, April 2, 2017


For those of you following my blog, you'll know that I often decorate the outside of my shop. I've had fall leaves, a witch, a scarecrow, and Christmas ornaments. 

Our small town of O'Leary, PEI was in the running to be declared Hockeyville, given to a place each year that shows the spirit and passion of hockey. So to be part of the growing town spirit, I created some large hockey sticks out of plywood and stained and painted them. Two are large and placed on the front of my shop. The other three are smaller and hang from my tree, where I often hang things in hopes of attracting drivers passing by!



Well, our town won, which means we get $100,000 for upgrades for our hockey arena and we also get to host an NHL pre-season game next fall!




  1. Congrats on the win! I'm quite sure your hockey sticks had something to do with it - they are very cool. I love over-sized stuff like that.

  2. How awesome that you guys won! I think you might need to have more of those pretty hockey sticks in stock. ;)


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