Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Making Thicker Twine - Tips #2

Do you ever find that you need some twine thicker than what you already have?
I make my own twine thicker (try saying that 3 times) and it's easy to do, here's how:

Here's my regular type twine, much too thin to use for hanging any thing

Figure out how long you need your FINISHED length to be.
Multiply by two and add a few inches for your cutting length and cut three or more pieces of twine to that determined length.
(example I needed about 16 inches so I went with 3 pieces at 36" cut length)

Unfortunately my photo of the next step was blurred, so I'll just explain it.
Hold the three twine pieces together and firmly with one hand holding each end and as far apart as you can keep them so that the twine is tight.  Twist the twine tightly (if you are right-handed twist between your right thumb and index finger) and keep twisting and twisting until you don't think you can twist any more.

By eye, figure out approximately where the middle is of your twisted twine.  Keeping the whole thing taut, put that either around a nail, or a door knob or anything that can hold the middle for a few seconds. Don't let go or the twist will come undone. Your twine will then be doubled with the middle over the door knob and the twisted cut ends all in your hand.

Carefully take the end off the door knob and holding the cut ends only let the thing twist itself together.  It will just do that on it's own.

You can neaten it up a bit, but it will remain all twisted upon itself and won't come undone.

The next photo shows the difference between the original twine and the thicker twine:

You get a nice thick twine that can be used for a handle, a sign hanger, or whatever!
Here's a sneak peak of what I used it for, you can see the completed project here

I've used it before on the tops of my wood buoys you can see here

Hopefully this helps someone else make some twine!

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  1. Not only is this a great idea for strengthening, it's got a new improved look all it's own too! Love it Julie!



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