Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bar sign

This is a sign I made out of reclaimed pallet wood, with the same technique as the plaque for Karen

It's all hand routered, and there are different levels:

After routering it's hand painted:

An original © design, 21" diameter... great for the man who has everything 
only $125


  1. love that you used reclaimed pallets. Nice project

  2. Hi Julie, Thanks for the comments and visiting my blog. The dresser is for my daughter and she likes it natural. If ever she tires of it she can paint it. BTW I love your work with the barn wood. some of your things are really interesting. I will be viewing a little more of your blog soon but my background is in accounting and I have a deadline to stick too or the tax man will be after some of my clients.
    My passion is in interior design :)
    Au revoir

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