Shutter and Pallet Wood Creation - part 4

Where was I?

Oh yes, trying to get pallet wood to become a cupboard.
**Here's a link to the first post in the series ~ part 1
I failed to mention earlier that I had some 2" x 2" lengths of wood that came with the pallets.  These wood be the four legs that would run from the top of the cupboard to the floor.  I took them to the jointer and planer to see what final widths I could get out of them.  Some were crooked and had large pieces ripped out of them.  I kept working at four of them until I could get them to be fairly straight and cleaner looking.  They will have holes in them from where the pallets were put together originally, but that's what makes them reused wood.  The final square legs are 1 1/2" x 1 1/2".

That being said, the front legs need two mortises in each one to hold a top rail and a bottom rail that the shutter door will fit between.

I'll show the final result first to make it easier to see what I'm doing.

This is what I'm aiming for:

Here's the top mortise in the left side leg that the rail, or cross piece will fit into:

I used scrap pallet wood for the cross pieces and made them 1 1/4" wide and put a tenon on each end to fit into the mortises of the legs:

These will be glued into place after the sides are ready.  But it will look like this: 

The bottom of the cupboard will fit up to the back of the bottom cross piece.

So this is what we have so far:                       And this is where we are headed:

Next... fitting the sides into the legs...

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