Sunday, October 16, 2011

Old Crate Side with Horse Image

Here's what I made the other day with some scraps. It's supposed to look like the side of an old crate.

I used three pine boards for the base and two thinner ones for the side slats.  The side slats are nailed on with tacks.  I purposely did not predrill, and that created some cracks where the tacks went in.

The graphic came from The Graphics Fairy where Karen shares hundreds of free images.  It had a white background on which I dabbed on some rusty water (steel wool and vinegar) with a paint brush. The image was cut where the boards meet and then put on with Mod Podge glue.

I drilled two holes in the top for my twisted twine hanger which I showed how to make in a  previous post here

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  1. It looks very rustic and would be perfect for the "horse" person in your life!

  2. Julie, I love your cute little faux crate! the graphic is perfect.


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