Monday, May 16, 2011

Guest Posting at Funky Junk Interiors

Hi everyone! Today I'm guest posting over at my favourite blog

I am just thrilled that Donna has invited me to her fabulous blog to give a lesson on how to build a tool tote. I hope you'll join me over there to check it out!

And if you're a new visitor from Funky Junk, welcome, here's a bit about me and my blog.

Who I am:

 I'm Julie Rose, I live in Northern Ontario, Canada, and this is my workshop that my husband and I built ourselves:

What I'm about:

Although I am trying to get a small business off the ground, the main reason for my blog is to show other people that they CAN make their own furniture and other things out of wood.  There are some basic rules to woodworking and designing your own furniture that help pieces go together properly... and I'm trying to explain those ideas and principles as I blog about things I make.

What I've already blogged about:

In the past I've shown how I made many things including:

Lamp Table
Plywood Storage Boxes
Easy Bench
Adirondack Chair

I've also made many signs and included a post here about how to make framed signs and how to transfer the design and paint it 

Black Horse Ranch

Recently I've been making some things out of barn board, logs and pallet wood:

Barn Board Cupboard

Barn Board Mirror
Log Shelving Unit

What's great about being a woodworker:

When you can make your own things you don't have to go looking for furniture to paint or to redo, you don't have to use wood sizes that come from the big box stores, and if you need a piece of furniture to fit a certain area in your home you can make it to the exact size you want.  

And if you see something in a store, a book, or online you can make your own the same if you want to.

I found this in a book:                                     and then made this myself:

Buffet Hutch

I hope I can inspire some of you to make your own wood creations.  So if you're interesting in learning how to build, feel free to follow along.  I'd love to teach you more.

I encourage you to ask questions by emailing or by posting in the comment section of my blog... I enjoy helping!

Hope to see you over at:

Funky Junk's Workshop Series


  1. way cool! :) big time!


  2. Thanks for hosting the tote build, Julie! I would have called everything wrong and taken a billion shortcuts. Well, I probably still would. :) Glad you came by to help!


  3. Found you at FJI. Thanks so much for teaching us DIY amateurs these things!

  4. Wonderful! I'll be posting about wood totes on my blog today! ~Heidi
    (arrived via FJI)

  5. Hi Julie, I just found your flog on Funky Junk. So inspiring as I just started a woodworking class too. I live in Belgium (but lived in Toronto many moons ago). As a single mom of two teens, I am trying to redirect my career in something creative. My blog: Not much on it yet, but I do hope to find some ideas here :-D


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